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Winter Tours

Trousers Point beachFlinders Island may not be the first place to spring to mind, but in winter there is a whole different experience on the Island, whether in winter is surprisingly mild, with many clear sparkling days around June, July and August and certainly for a quite weekend, with the Furneaux Tavern’s open log fire, or the warm and historic Interstate Hotel or maybe one of the Holiday cottages.

Definitely not just the sort of place to visit only in summer. The climate is mild and temperate, with few frosts - if any - and it rarely gets too hot in summer, with low to moderate rainfall and mild conditions. There is no particularly windy season and the island can be very beautiful at any time of the year, for different reasons.

Red granite rocksIn late winter through to the end of spring, for instance, the island is a Cape Barren Goosegreen blooming. It's the perfect time for walking and exploring. The Flinders Island bush and coastal walking is magnificent all year round.